Where are they now?


As of April 2017, 95% of graduates who have wanted empoyment in the forestry sector in Canada have found positions. Here is a breakdown by broad employer groups:






Mike Anderson FIT (BC)

Having completed my forest technology diploma and BA in geography at Vancouver Island University, I decided to pursue my RPF designation. The MSFM program was a logical next step for me. After graduating from the MSFM program, I will be working for Coastal Natural Resource Management in North Vancouver where I will be involved with forest engineering all across BC.”

Devin Dake-Outhet FIT (BC)

Devin grew up in Ottawa and completed his B.A. in Environmental Studies at Carleton University. He then moved out to BC for his love of mountains and wilderness. Devin then completed a forestry technician diploma at Selkirk College in Castlegar and then finally completed the MSFM program at UBC. He has lined up a job with a consultant (Coastal Natural Resource Management) based out of North Vancouver and is excited for a career as a forester!

Peter Flett FIT (BC)

After graduation, I began working with a small consultant in the Okanagan. I plan on completing the ABCFP modules over the next year to pursue a professional forester designation and will be sure to make some time for travelling. The MSFM program delivered a solid forestry foundation in a short period of time and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Matt Sheilds FIT (BC)

Matt came to forestry in 2015 after a detour through urban planning. His first work experience was with Canfor completing block layout in the Omineca region. He graduated from the MSFM program in 2017 and now works for B.A. Blackwell and Associates. Matt’s interests include landscape-scale planning, community forestry, and forest policy. Matt is the recipient of the inaugural ABCFP Sustainable Forest Management Prize.


Patrick fergusonPatrick Ferguson FIT (BC)

After gaining work experience in silviculture and wildfire management I decided the most effective way to develop my forestry career path was to return to school for the MSFM program. I spent 5 years away from school so the decision to return was not easy. Since graduating from the program, I have started working for a major licensee which is giving me an insight into the role of industry in BC. The MSFM program has given me the background and credentials for many job opportunities and I look forward to completing my RPF requirements.


Harrhy_bio_photoMichael Harrhy BIT FIT (BC) Certified Arborist

My career path began with attending UBC, where I earned my BSc in the Faculty of Forestry, Natural Resources Conservation and Management. Summer work piqued my interest in silviculture and forest management. A hiatus in the horticulture industry allowed me to become certified as an Arborist. MSFM opened many doors for me. I now work as a Junior Forester and consulting Arborist with Diamondhead Consulting Ltd, in Vancouver.


Julius Julius Huhs RPF (BC)

After completing the MSFM program I returned to my old job with BCTS Okanagan-Columbia. Since I already completed my 2 year articling period with the ABCFP, I immediately started the new “online module” registration process. I am hoping to become a RPF by August 2016. Even though my previous job description fit that of a Planing Forester, I could never be officially instated as such. Attaining my RPF will hopefully allow me to finally get credit for the work I am doing. If things work out that way, taking the MSFM program was well worth it. If not, it was a strenuous, expensive, but interesting break from regular forestry work.


 Ben Kwiatkowski MSFM pictureBen Kwiatkowski FIT (BC)

Ben completed a B.Sc degree at UBC and proceeded to experience all of the outdoor activities BC has to offer. After spending a couple years fighting wildfires with the FLNRO Rapattack program, it was time for a change. The MSFM program opened many doors and access to the forestry industry. He is now working for a consulting firm in Squamish during the summer, and Blackcomb Ski Patrol in the winter.

jade1Jade Laramie FIT (BC)

Since finishing the MSFM program, Jade has become a Planning Coordinator for 100 Mile Lumber, a division of West Fraser Mills. Her duties are focused on cutting permit acquisition and contractor management. The MSFM program provided Jade a great opportunity to pursue her professional forester designation, after five years of environmental consulting in the oil and gas sector.


Lauren Shinnimin Bio photoLauren Shinnimin FIT (BC)

Lauren completed a BSc in environmental science at the University of Winnipeg and decided to enroll in the MSFM program to gain more forestry experience and work towards becoming a registered professional forester. The program gave her insight into the forestry profession in BC and provided valuable skills and credentials required for practicing sustainable forest management. Upon graduation, Lauren obtained a forestry technical assistant position with the Manitoba Government and looks forward to continuing to develop her career as a forester.

Alysha_VanDelft_pictureAylsha Van Delft FIT (Ontario)

After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Forest Conservation Science I decide I was interested in forest management and that the MSFM program was a great way to pursue my goal of becoming a RPF. MSFM allowed me to begin the articling process as a FIT and provided me with a toolbox of skills that I use everyday. I am currently working for the Nawiinginokiima Forest Management Corporation in Ontario as an Assistant Silviculturalist and loving it!




ManuelaManuela Arnold, FIT (BC)

Having gained forestry experience working for a consulting company based in Revelstoke, BC, Manuela returned to school to complete the MSFM program in order to work towards obtaining her RPF. She has returned to work for Azimuth Forestry and Mapping Solutions working as a layout and cruising technician. In the near future, she hopes to perfect her skills in road and block layout in steep terrain, as well as conduct silviculture surveys and SP data collection.


jake.jpegJake Babty, BIT FIT (BC)

Jake completed a BSc at UVic in Geography with a Biology minor.  He spent the next 10 years running treeplanting, brushing, slashpile burning and beetle surveying crews.  Along the way he also worked in vegetation resources inventory, biogeoclimatic classification and ornithology.  Realizing that further education could move him into the next stage of a forestry career, the MSFM program was a perfect fit.  It provided a wide range of knowledge which often applied to the field experience he had gained.   He is now currently employed by Strategic Natural Resource Consultants out of their Campbell River office as an Assistant Forester.

kathleenKathleen Coupland, RPF (BC)

Since graduating from the MSFM program in 2015 she has worked in the interior as a Forest Technician for the consulting company   Intagrated ProAction Corp. (ipac)in Kamloops. While at ipac she got the opportunity to improve her forestry skills and was worked in layout and as a timber cruiser all along side fellow graduate Adam Sullivan. In 2016 she left ipac and returned to UBC to pursue her PhD in examining post-secondary forestry education. In 2017 she gained her status as a RPF.

qcQingcen Cai, FIT (BC)

Qingcen graduated from SFU with a BSc in Environmental Science. Since completing the MSFM program in 2015, he started his forestry career with Kim Forest Management in Prince George. Currently, Qingcen is working as forest technologist in BC timber sales Terrace, his goal is to gain a deep understanding of BC forest industry and enjoy the beautiful mountains in Northwest BC as much as he can. As a forest technologist, Qingcen’s daily work mainly focus on silviculture contracts and timber sale licence (TSL) management.

SeanFogartySean Fogarty, RPF (BC)

Sean completed a bachelor of commerce in finance, minoring in accounting from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. After a 7 year career in the accounting field his passion for the outdoors drew him to complete a diploma of forest technology at Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC. His initial forestry experience was for a consultant doing cut block layout and cruising before transitioning to a role in the silviculture department with West Fraser Mills in 100 Mile House. Sean undertook the MSFM program to broaden his knowledge of forestry and propel him along the path to becoming a Registered Professional Forester. He currently works as a planning forester with West Fraser


RileyPileBurnRiley Patterson, FIT (Alta)

I work as an Assistant Forester for West Fraser’s Blue Ridge Lumber division. My work is predominantly cut block planning and area development, but as an assistant forester I also work on projects in silviculture and operations as opportunities arise. The best part of my position is the variety of projects I am exposed to and the breadth of forestry activities I participate in. As I develop as a forester, I hope to follow the blocks I’ve laid out in the first year of my career, supervise the harvest of these blocks and plan their silviculture prescription. Working at Blue Ridge is providing me the opportunity to become a well rounded and capable forester.

 AdamAdam Sullivan, BIT FIT (BC)

After completing  an undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Western Ontario, the MSFM program was a logical next step for Adam to start his career in forestry. Adam now seeks to become both a Professional Forester and a Professional Biologist. Adam has accepted a Junior Forester position with Integrated ProAction Corp a consulting firm based out of Kamloops, BC. Adam will be working alongside fellow graduate Kathleen Coupland.

BrendenBrenden Tostenson, FIT  A.Ag (BC)

Brenden graduated from UBC Okanagan with a degree in Human Kinetics. After graduation from the MSFM program Brenden accepted a position with West Fraser in 100 Mile House as an Assistant Forester. His responsibilities will include assisting the planning department in layout, cruise checking, appraisal compilations and site plans.

Arttu Arttu Varis

Originally from Finland, Arttu received his BSc in Forest Sciences in UK. His passion for new challenges brought Arttu to UBC where he completed the MSFM degree. He has accepted a position with the Scottish government as a Planning Forester. This position includes all aspects of forest management plan production, including GIS-mapping, harvest planning, and project coordination.


DavidzDavid Zhong, FIT (BC)

Hello everyone, my name is Ziyan (David) Zhong. I grew up in Changzhou which is a small, but very beautiful and lively city in Eastern China. During my time in the MSFM program, I gathered more knowledge and confidence in public speaking and problem solving. The program also enabled me to meet many incredible people who brought me many insights. I really appreciated the past 9 months. I have accepted a Junior Forest Technician position with DWB consulting in Burn Lake, BC. I am looking forward to working in the field this summer.



doug2Doug Beattie, FIT (BC)

Originally from the UK, Doug gained a BSc. (Hons) in Ecology and worked as a climbing arborist before coming to Canada for the MSFM program. Doug currently works for Kim Forest Management Prince George, BC. His current role includes all aspects of multiphase timber development including block reconnaissance and layout, road development, ecotyping, and timber cruising.


Emily_2014Emily Beavan, FIT (BC)

Emily graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours BSc, majoring in Forest Conservation Science and minoring in Biology and Celtic Studies. Since completing the MSFM program Emily has accepted a forester position with Vaagen Fibre Canada in Midway, BC where she works alongside fellow MSFM graduate Dan Macmaster in all aspects of timber supply; including developing harvest plans, coordinating logging operations, assessing log quality and ensuring all practices meet BC’s standards and regulations.


580Stacey Boks, FIT, A.Ag (BC)

Stacey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agroecology from the University of British Columbia. Before returning to school, she worked in wildlife biology in B.C and abroad in Madagascar. She is now working as a Resource Analyst with Ecora in Prince George.

CabanaWongAlison Cabana-Wong, FIT (Que)

Alison graduated with a bachelor’s degree in environment and economics with a minor program in physical geography from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Her academic career has centered around resource economics, geographic information systems and sustainable management. She completed her Master’s of Sustainable Forest Management at the University of British Columbia in the spring of 2014. Since completing the MSFM program, Alison has returned to Montreal to pursue a career in urban forestry.


ConstanceConstance Chan, RPF (Alta)

Constance holds a BES from the University of Waterloo in Environment and Resource Studies, with a double minor in Geography and International Development. Through the co-op program at Waterloo, she worked for the nonprofit, private and public sectors. Upon completing the MSFM program, Constance worked as a Forest Tech with Kim Forest Management Ltd. in Prince George, BC, undertaking a range of tasks associated with multi-phase timber development and silviculture surveys. Since then, she has accepted an Assistant Planning Forester position with West Fraser in Slave Lake, AB. Her job includes developing harvest plans, laying out blocks and supervising logging operations.  


jeanJean Eagleson, RPF (Alta)

Jean holds an Honours BES from the University of Waterloo in Environment and Resource Studies with a minor in Geography and Environmental Management and a diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation. She participated in Waterloo’s co-op program and gained experience working in the environmental fields of water and agriculture with regional municipalities and the federal government in Ontario. When looking at her future job prospects forestry and the west looked promising. After graduating from the MSFM program, Jean accepted a summer silviculture position in Sundre, Alberta for West Fraser Mills Ltd. This led to a permanent position with West Fraser Mills Ltd. in High Prairie, AB as an Assistant Forester in September 2014. Jean was promoted in October 2015 to Planning Forester where she continues to gain experience in strategic forest management, operational planning, harvest operations, and silviculture.


martinaMartina Hola, FIT (BC)

Martina graduated from the University of Calgary with a BSc. Honours in Environmental Science and has worked in outdoor tourism and field biology throughout British Columbia and Albert. She was drawn to the MSFM program by her interest in forest land management particularly for recreational use and conservation. Upon graduating from the MSFM program, Martina accepted a position as a Junior Forester for Monticola Forest Ltd., a forestry consultant based out of Fruitvale, BC. specializing in private forest management.”

Darcie1Darcie McNeill, FIT (BC)

Darcie graduated with an Honours B. Sc. in Environmental Management and Physical Geography from the University of Toronto Mississauga. She has experience researching water and forest ecosystem dynamics, producing planning and risk management documentation, utilizing various spatial analysis computer programs, and conducting environmental monitoring and sampling. Since graduating from the MSFM program she has accepted a Junior Resource Analyst position with Ecora in Kelowna, BC.


Crispin1Crispin Wood, FIT (Ontario)

Crispin Wood holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Carleton University in Ottawa, a Forestry technician Diploma from Algonquin College Pembroke, and is a Certified Arborist and Landscape Technician. In 2006 He began his career as an Arborist with the Federal Government in Ottawa; in 2013 he took a leave of absence from this position to pursue his Masters of Sustainable Forest Management at UBC. After completing his MSFM he leveraged his past experience, with his recent education, into the position of Area Forester with the Regional Municipality of York. More recently, he has relocated to Alberta where he now holds the position of Forestry Operations Supervisor for the City of Edmonton.


DSCN1416Stacey Auld, RPF (Alta)

Stacey completed a B. Env. Design in Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba. She was a licensed arborist working in landscape design in Winnipeg until being accepted to the MSFM program. Since graduating, she has moved to the boreal forest and accepted a position as Assistant Forester and Divisional EMS Coordinator with the Woodlands department of West Fraser Mills in Slave Lake, AB.

 Leah Ballin, RPF. RPBio

Leah completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography and Biology at UVic. During her degree and afterwards she worked doing ecological inventories, land management and conservation planning for government and environmental NGO’s. Since completing the MSFM program Leah has started work as a Wildlife Biologist for Ecofish Research Ltd in Courtenay, B.C. Leah is excited to apply her new knowledge of and perspectives on land management to development projects around B.C.


P1260179 Joanna DeMontreuil RPBio, RPF

Joanna received her undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Science from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. Since finishing the MSFM program, Joanna has accepted a position as a Forestry Project Manager with the consulting firm B.A.Blackwell in North Vancouver. She will be working on various projects, including silviculture, forest health and other forest management projects.

Enrico Fionda, FIT

Enrico recently graduated from the Natural Resources Conservation program at UBC. Since completing the MSFM program he accepted a position as a crew leader with the BC Wildfire Center  in Fort Nelson. As a crew leader, he is interested in the tactical and operational aspects of wildfire management, while at the same time, he enjoys training new firefighters. His goal is to pursue a career as a professional forester and as a professional biologist. He is particularly interested in the economic aspects of sustainable forest management by finding economic solutions to environmental issues.

 Katherine Gunion, RPF

Kat holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Science from UBC. She has planted trees from Saskatchewan to the coast of BC and everywhere in between. Before returning to UBC to complete the MSFM program she was working as a forest field technician in Revelstoke. Since completing the MSFM program Kat has accepted a position as an analyst with Forsite Consultants Ltd

Judy Hao-Yu (Judy) Huang

After graduating from the National Taiwan University with a BSc in forestry, Judy was accepted into the MSFM program at UBC. Since completing the MSFM program, Judy has accepted a position with the Taiwan Forestry Bureau as a project coordinator in 2013. In 2014, Judy accepted a new offer from a furniture manufacturing company, Lacquer Craft, in Dongguan, Guangdong Provence, China as a management associate. Lacquer Craft is the manufacturing division of Samson Holding Ltd., which is the leading wholesaler in the U.S residential furniture industry. Her job allows her to understand the process of wooden furniture manufacturing, which includes timber procurement, production management…etc. She is very excited about her new job and the up-coming challenges.

Ye_Huang (3)Ye Huang, RPF (BC and Alta)

Ye grew up in a small town in Southeastern China. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and a Bachelor of Science in Forestry (Hons.) from University of British Columbia. After completing the MSFM program, he accepted a forest technician position with Spectrum Resource Group Inc. His work involved silviculture survey and stand tending programs in the Peace Region of British Columbia and Alberta. Later in the season, he expanded his role to GIS mapping and analysis based at Prince George, BC. Ye then joined Canfor Grande Prairie Woodlands as a silviculture crew leader in charge of various silviculture projects. Now Ye is the Woodlands Information Management Analyst for Canfor Forest Management Group North with a focus on GIS mapping and spatial analysis.


 Dan Macmaster, RPF

Dan graduated with an Hon B.Sc. and B. Ed. in Ontario in the mid-90’s and moved west in 2004 to find brighter pastures and bigger trees. He was a high school teacher for 13 years, enlightening the minds of young students in the fields of chemistry, biology, environmental science, and physical education.  About 4 years ago Dan decided to hang up his chalk brush and follow a long-time dream to pursue a career in forestry and become an RPF.  Since graduating from the MSFM program, Dan now lives and works in Grand Forks, BC.  He has accepted a position as a Forest Manager for Vaagen Brothers Lumber an American-based company that operates a mill in Midway, BC. He will use much of the information learned in the MSFM program including creating harvest plans, conducting surveys, developing site plans, adhering to provincial forest policies, and venturing into the world of log brokering in BC.

 Carlos Molina, RPF

Carlos holds a degree in forest engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid in Spain. Since completing the MSFM program he accepted a  Forester in Training position with Kim Forest Management forestry consulting firm in Prince George, BC. He has since accepted a job with Canfor  in their field operations department and is currently preparing to become a registered professional forester. He is very excited with all the opportunities that Forestry is currently offering, and he acknowledges that the MSFM program has been an integral part in achieving his career goals.

 Brad Pollard RPBio, RPF

Brad is currently working in Terrace for McElhanney Consulting Services Limited as Senior Scientist and Department head of the Biology Group He is returning to some of his on-going projects with the Northwest Transmission Line, Grizzly Bear Habitat Mapping and RioTinto Alcan’s reconstruction project. He is excited to get back to work and use some of the knowledge he gained from the MSFM program. Brad also hope to expand his range of practice to include more forestry work. He will also be returning to the Regional Forestry Advisory Group as well as increase his participation in the Terrace Community Forest.

Saini_NaviNavdeep Saini, RPF

Navi completed her undergraduate degree in Ecology at the UBC Faculty of Science in 2011. She now works as a  Fire Information Officer for the B.C. Forest Service’s Wildfire Management Branch in Kamloops (  Navi acknowledges the MSFM program for helping her understand the importance of effective public engagement as it pertains to sustainable forest management. Using her knowledge of forest management principles, Navi is able to create educational materials that address topics such as modified response fires and prescribed burning. She is excited to explore future opportunities in fuels management and ecosystem restoration via prescribed burning


Aiden Wiechula, RPF

Immediately after graduation from the MSFM program, Aiden worked for West Fraser in Fraser Lake, BC as a Forestry Assistant. Since 2014, Aiden has worked for Conifex Timber in Mackenzie, BC and is currently the Permitting Supervisor. This position involves supervising the building and maintenance of a robust Standing Timber Inventory while achieving the Cutting Permit acquisition targets associated with an AAC of 932,500m3. Aiden’s favorite aspects of the job include; First Nation relationship building, Ungulate Winter Range management, and strategic planning.